So, what are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when getting into a sissy chastity lock relationship? Here is an attempt to list them out. You will be able to please your partner better while is a sissy chastity cage . As a sissy, you are expected to give pleasure to the woman in your life.

Sissy chastity cages will help you do that. The constant reminder of your locked up position is sure to keep your mind on what is important only – giving pleasure only! Imagine how good it

Sissy chastity cages are male chastity cages used for denying or deferring male sexual pleasure. They work by blocking the urethra so semen and urine cannot pass through, although they do not prevent masturbation (by hand). A sissy chastity cage can also be useful in shemale chastity and femboy chastity plays.


A sissy’s life is full of many challenges. A sissy has to please the Mistress by completing tasks, some mundane and some rather nasty. Despite this, there are some basic rules which make a sissy’s life easier, if she obeys them. One of these is chastity; it keeps a sissy focused on her task

It takes a very special person to embrace sissy chastity plug in lifestyle and enjoy it. But when you find the right mate who enjoys the same, things get even better and much more exciting.

Sissy chastity cages designed for long-term wear generally include a chastity cock lock which attaches to one of the “testicles” with an accompanying small padlock, rendering it painful to be touched there until the area becomes numb.

Some sissy chastity cage devices have a built-in “piss slit”, allowing the wearer to relieve himself without removing the device entirely, but others do not. The entire cage is removed weekly for a thorough cleaning, then locked again securely in place. A sissy chastity cage may be made from metal (metal chastity cages) or from medical grade plastic.


It is often desirable for a sissy to be able to remove the sissy cage device daily, in order to perform hygiene and also allow her skin and body parts (such as nipples) access to air. During sissy lock, a sissy should always move about with a towel or something similar so she can sit on it wherever she goes.

It is not good for a sissy to leave her genitals compressed for extended periods of time during sissy lock; this can lead to pain, discomfort, swollen testicles etc., which in turn will make gay chastity play more difficult or even painful in some cases.


Sissy chastity belts should never be worn longer than the manufacturer’s suggested limit – if made from metal it may rust quickly, ruining its appearance and rendering it unusable; medical

Sissy chastity devices have long been a staple in the BDSM community. The purpose of a bdsm chastity cage is to control the wearer’s sexual behavior, allowing for them to experience chastity play without having to actually abstain from engaging in sexual activity or masturbation.

Sissy lock devices are similar except that they’re specifically designed with feminization and sissification in mind. Sissies who wear these sissy cage devices get added benefits because each one of these sissy cages includes a variety of feminizing components such as butt plugs and male breast forms. All you have to do is choose which components you want!

One benefit of a sissy chastity cage is called “forced fem.” This refers to when men try on women’s clothing against their will, in other words femdom chastity is also a thing tried by couples.


A sissy chastity cage device is a special type of female chastity device that is designed to be worn by feminized men. The sissy chastity cage will lock over the genital area including the scrotum, penis, anus, and perineum. It will also generally prevent access to the vagina or external stimuli for pleasure.

The main purpose of the sissy chastity belt is sexual gratification for your partner while denying it for yourself at the same time. Sissies are usually forced into feminizing attire which consists of heels, stockings, dresses, jewelry, wigs , makeup .

The sissy lock cage device can be used in conjunction with these items or instead of them. Get yours today and start your play.

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