Tiny chastity – why do we need it?

One of the hottest trends in the fetish world today is that of tiny chastity devices. In spite of the name, tiny chastity devices are not necessarily small, but rather, they are meant to be worn on the genitals instead of around them. Instead of being used to lock the key holder away from their sub’s genitalia, they’re meant to be used as torture tools and sexual enhancements during masturbation or sexual activity with a partner. Is tiny chastity right for you? If so, read on!

Why do we need tiny chastity?

The most obvious reason to opt for tiny chastity is so you can have more freedom! Some men may enjoy being locked up and not being able to get hard for long periods of time, but many do not. When you’re trying to move about freely or live your life, wearing a bulky cage is cumbersome and even embarrassing in public. You’ll be forever unzipping your pants or struggling with your belt if you don’t get yourself a micro chastity device!

Micro chastity cages are designed specifically for these situations. By choosing one of these devices, you eliminate any chance of getting caught when out in public. Your tiny chastity will fit under your clothes and nobody will ever know that you’re wearing it! And remember: If nobody knows that you’re wearing it, they won’t know to ask questions either. This is a huge benefit for those who want to wear their tiny chastity while they go out on dates or travel.

After all, nobody wants to be asked why they aren’t allowed touch themselves by their partner—especially when they’re really just trying to keep them safe from themselves! Tiny chastity also allows you more opportunities in bed as well! Many couples find that using micro chastity devices makes sex better because there’s no risk of accidentally touching yourself during intercourse. For those who like kinky play, tiny chastity devices allow you to incorporate things like restraints into your playtime without having to worry about losing control. With a micro chastity device on hand, you’ll never have to worry about accidents again!

Tiny chastity devices come in all shapes and sizes, so take some time to figure out which style would work best for you. Once you’ve found what works best for your needs, and then choose a high-quality brand that fits both of your needs. The quality of material and craftsmanship will directly affect how comfortable (or uncomfortable) your tiny chastity is going to be!

Benefits of using tiny chastity!

Tiny chastity isn’t for everyone, but for those that are interested in giving it a try, there are plenty of reasons why it might be right for you. First, tiny chastity can help keep you and your partner safe during sex play. Whether you plan to take a hands-on approach or opt to engage in forced orgasm sessions, tiny chastity is a great way to avoid unwanted exposure to bodily fluids, prevent unwanted pregnancy and ensure partners have their preferred form of protection handy if you prefer non-fluid-filled methods of preventing pregnancies from occurring.

Tiny chastity can also help reduce anxiety related to the possibility of pregnancy. Some people feel more comfortable when they know they aren’t at risk of becoming pregnant. While some people may not experience anxiety about getting pregnant, others do and tiny chastity can help alleviate such worries by eliminating them altogether. Lastly, tiny chastity devices are a lot easier to conceal than other forms of contraception and birth control. If you want something small enough to hide under clothing or require less maintenance than other forms of contraception, tiny chastity may be right for you!

How to use tiny chastity?

While wearing tiny chastity or micro chastity device is simple, it takes time to master. The important thing to remember is that wearing one at all times requires great attention to detail and discipline. If you are confident you can handle it, here’s how to go about it first, make sure your tiny chastity device fits well. Some devices have adjustable rings so you can adjust them as needed, but others do not. Make sure your cage fits snugly around your penis head and shaft so that it doesn’t slip off while you are moving around. Once properly fitted, wear your micro chastity 24/7 for as long as possible until it becomes second nature—but don’t be surprised if it takes several weeks before you get used to walking around with a cage on!

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